Looking Forward to the Life Choices Foundation Community Day

Live Choices Community Day 2017

The Life Choices Foundation’s Community Day is coming up in just over a month on Sunday the 23rd of July at Sydney Motorsport Park, and will be supported be Lee and Paul at Simply Sports Cars.

The event is an opportunity for the charity to teach people about its work helping teenagers and detainees of gaols and detention centres as well as its work in the wider community. It includes a full set of activities for families including a jumping castle, face painting, flying fox and live music.

It also includes two components for car enthusiasts – morning and afternoon track sessions and a car display.

The track day offers great value, with morning and afternoon track sessions and choices for a half or full day on Sydney Motorsport Park. Hit this link for more details and to enter.

The car show will feature spots, muscle, drag and race cars and bikes and offer pricezes for different categories. Hit this link for the full details and to enter your car.

The Simply Sports Cars team are planning on taking an Exige or Evora out for display as well as offering passenger hot laps.

We’d love to get enough Lotus owners out to have a good group for the track run, and just to enjoy the day together. If more than 10 people enter to attend the track day, Simply Sports Cars will bring the Lotus van and their mechanic team for support.

Contact Paul to express your interest, and hit the links above to enter the event.

Live Choices Community Day 2017

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