Quokka Talk Featuring the May All British Car Show & Early Morning Run

Quokka Talk June 2017

Image by Robyn & John Edmondson

Catch up on the news in the Western Australian Lotus community with Eddie Lankhorst’s latest Quokka Talk, including May’s All British Car Show and Early Morning Run.

By Eddie Lankhorst

What I thought was going to be a quiet month for the club turned out to be quite busy. Well, at least for some.

We’ve had the regulars, such as our Boab Meet ‘n Eat and our EMR.  However, other events snuck into our calendar, with MotorKhana at Barbagallo and the All Lotus Track Day arranged by AutoStrada.

June is again a quiet month on the Lotus calendar with:

  • BOAB Meet n Eat on Monday 12th June, 6am Kings Park
  • EMR going south on Sunday 18th June, meet 8am in Guildford.

All British Car Show & EMR

April was one of the driest months in quite some time for Perth, but that changed in the days leading up to and including the day of our EMR.

Storms and rain were forecast, and it bucketed down cats and dogs through the early morning hours.  Thankfully, the rain eased as we convened in Guildford and, not to be put off at all by the prospect of bad weather, we had another great turn up of ten Lotus cars for the run up to Gingin for the All British Car Show.

We drove via some great back roads, testing everyone with twists and turns and ups and downs. As we neared Gingin, the sky quickly went dark grey and down the skies fell.  Thankfully, that lasted just a little while and held off for the remainder of the car display time – at least until we left.

The cars were, as always, fantastic. Even though numbers were probably down 10%, everyone enjoyed the cars.

Our favourites were the smaller historic cars around the late ’50s to early ’60s.  We poured over and re-acquainted ourselves with the original Minis, Austin Healey Sprites, Sunbeam Alpine, Triumph TR4, 5 and 6.

We came away with thinking we had better stick with something within the Lotus family along the lines of an Elan, Elite or genuine Lotus 7 but if a bargain Sunbeam Alpine became available I would jump on it, what a classic!

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