2017 Lotus Elite Diamond Jubilee Mid-July Update

Lotus Elite Diamond Jubilee

The Lotus Elite Diamond Jubilee, to be held over the 12th to 14th of August, 2017, is coming up fast. Brian’s latest update includes a few important reminders about the Saturday night celebrations, commemorative shirts and concours d’elegance, as well as info about access to the event on Sunday. Read on!

Thanks to Brian Caldersmith


As we get close to the big event please note a few points for consideration.

  1. Don’t forget that you need to book for the big celebration dinner on Saturday night. No booking = no meal.. And that cut-off date is July 28th. The numbers are heading towards 100 on the night, so don’t delay
  2. The commemorative shirts are now being manufactured and will be in the mail to you very shortly
  3. And don’t forget that it is the annual Concours d’Elegance, so get it sparkling clean. Especially as we have been given special permission on our circuit laps to pause and form up on the main grid for a photo opportunity. Should be the biggest group Lotus photo for some time.

Lotus Elite Diamond Jubilee

Access to the event on Sunday

A car pass is required for access to Sydney Motor Sport Park on Sunday and you can see it above. These are normally on the windscreen of each car that arrives in the morning and allows all the occupants entry to the event.

Club Lotus Australia has paid for those tickets and I will be handing them out at the dinner on Saturday evening to all the Elite owners. If your car is already inside the circuit (having arrived on Saturday afternoon) and you are walking back in from the hotel, hang on to the pass – you will need it for access on Sunday morning. Otherwise you will have to pay for entry.

If however, you are driving your Elite to the circuit on Sunday morning you will need to stick the pass on to the top right hand corner on the inside of the front windscreen.

If you are bringing a different model Lotus you need to contact Evan Jones on evanj@optusnet.com.au for your sticker.

The attached map shows access points, trailer parking, the hotel and where “Lotus land” is based at the circuit.

It’s getting close,
Brian Caldersmith

Lotus Elite Diamond Jubilee Lotus Land Map

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