Ashton’s President’s Prattle: September 2017

President's Prattle

Hi there!

My apologies that this month’s CC is late. It’s prolly my fault, as I’ve been too busy having fun!

I’m writing this from Trappers in Goulburn as the HSRCA Spring Festival is on and the Eleven is, as ever, proving delightful company (as are all the competitors of course!). It’s amazing seeing all these wonderful and historically important cars being given a good time out on the track.

Ashton Spring Festival

I’m delighted to report that the Eleven even survived the 30 minute Enduro with only a small oil leak and some slightly squishy tyres! And she did it on 5 litres of fuel.

We had a massive August that included Brian’s brilliant Big Lotus Weekend (also huge thanks to SSC for the LOTD on the Monday) followed closely by another beautiful day at Kings School for the All British Day. I spent rather more time than I should have under Austin-Healeys at both of these events as Giles and I struggle to build Gidget (as she is now christened) into an as-bulletproof-as-possible rally car.

We now tear headlong into spring and the last third of the year. This month of course is Eggs Benedict (Sunday 10th) and AGM time (Wednesday 20th). Please come and hear about the wonderful Motorsport Committee who have agreed to pick up some of Mike’s work. We would also love to hear your ideas for events or technical nights or whatever else you’d like us to organise.

A quick reminder to register your interest in the Christmas Party at Peppers Craigieburn on Sunday the 3rd of December – we will need to lock it in so the sooner we know numbers the better and please don’t be the one kicking yourself because you forgot!!

Right, I think that’s it from me – as ever, please keep it safe, right side up and on the black stuff!

Pip pip,

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