Part 6 of the Lotus Esprit VQ Build: Charge Cooler and Inlet Plumbing

Inlet Air Tract Complete

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Last time we met Geoff Winder, he was working all sorts of fabrication magic on the inlet manifold. In this outing, we get to work on the charge cooler and inlet plumbing.

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By Geoff Winder

Plastic Turned on a Lathe

Nice big piece of plastic turned on the lathe, but what is it for you ask?

Well, I need a compact air filter that has good flow. Ford Mustangs have these great filters that can be found on eBay for a reasonable price. So, I made this adaptor to connect the Nissan MAF.

Ducting Thoughts

Ducting thoughts… This is connected to the side “ear” inlet ducts behind the rear quarter window of the Esprit.

Final Positioning

Final Positioning.

Turbo Outlet Pipe

The next problem is the Turbo outlet pipe. The Nissan factory setup is a front-mounted charge cooler (intercooler). I will be using an air to water setup mounted at the back of the engine. So I need the turbo outlet to face backwards, not forwards. Cut and shut time.

I think this milling machine has earned it keep now.. A quick face cut to remove any warp from the welding and it’s back on the engine.

Fitted to the Engine

Moving along the inlet tract to the charge cooler. I picked up this little beauty from a US company called Frozen Boost.

Above you can see the mock-up with anything I could get my hands on. The aluminium bar is where the back of the boot is, so it should fit quite nicely! Problem is there is only one output from the charge cooler and I have twin throttle bodies.

Modifying the Charge Cooler

Charge cooler, meet Mr Choppy!!

Charge Cooler Modified

Can I get a warranty repair on this??

More Welding

Now for a bit more welding. A big thank you to the the boys at for folding aluminium for the top of the of the charge cooler.

Inlet Air Tract Complete

Inlet air tract completed!

Inlet Air Tract Complete

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