Western Australia Quokka Talk for January, 2018

January 2018 Early Morning Run

Images thanks to Eddie Lankhorst & By Marilyn Proctor

Catch up on everything going on in Western Australia over the holiday period and early January, thanks to Eddie Lankhorst’s latest edition of Quokka Talk, including a Boab Tree Meet ‘n Eat recap by Marilyn Proctor.

Quokka Talk

By Eddie Lankhorst

Happy New year everyone.  Hope it was a safe and joyous time for you all.

This new year has gone off with a bang with huge numbers attending Classic Cars and Coffee, BOAB Meet n Eat and the EMR. By these numbers it appears that this year will see Club Lotus Australia – WA branch grow even more.

On the motorsport side it has been decided that our Lotus WA championship for 2018 will comprise of a number of State Speed Event Series (SSES) events, TSOA events and the new Point to Point (P2P) series as part of the Lotus WA Championship. You are welcome to attend any event throughout each series but the events that count in our championship are:

  • SSES 25th Feb, Sunday at Barbagallo Raceway,  Twilight Sprint 4pm to 9.30pm
  • SSES 18th Mar, Sunday at Collie, Sprints 8am to 5pm
  • P2P 31st Mar, Saturday at Barbagallo Raceway
  • TSOA 21st Apr, Saturday at Collie, Super Sprint
  • TSOA 30th June, Saturday at Barbagallo Raceway,  Super Sprint
  • SSES 1st July, Sunday at Barbagallo Raceway,  Sprints 8am to 5pm
  • SSES 28th July, Saturday at Barbagallo Raceway,  Sprints 8am to 5pm
  • SSES 14th Oct, Sunday at Collie,  Sprints 8am to 5pm
  • SSES 1st Dec, Saturday at Barbagallo, Christmas Sprints 8am to 5pm.

As you can see there are 10 events on our calendar. You are awarded 10 pts for attending, 10 for 1st , 8 for 2nd and 6 for 3rd. However, to make it fair for naturally-aspirated cars,  I will deduct 20% from score over the year if you competed in a supercharged or turbo car. Points are only eligible for CLA members, so if you are not a member, see  https://www.clublotus.com.au/ for membership form.

Note that it’s far cheaper to do a three year membership and if your partner wishes to also join to compete it’s cheaper again. And by the way you only need to participate in six of the above events or your best six results will be counted towards the end of year trophy.

Other events for the coming months are:

  • BOAB meet n Eat, Monday 12th February,  6pm Kings Park meet near the Boab tree
  • EMR, Sunday 18th February, 8am Guildford railway car park,  James Street
  • BOAB meet n Eat, Monday 12th March,  6pm Kings Park meet near the Boab tree
  • EMR, Sunday 18th March, 8am Guildford railway car park,  James Street
  • And please diarise Gingin All British Car Show for Sunday 20th

Lastly, calling all ladies, this year SSES will be introducing an all ladies class/group which will be a great introduction to motorsport. So, ladies no matter what car you want to drive on the track, enter and be part of the series. Remember your car will be required to have a fire extinguisher fitted and you will be required to wear long sleeves and long pants in a natural fibre such as wool or cotton. Please talk to Steve Metlitzky or you can email steve@speedeventseries.org for further details.

Look forward to seeing you and your partner on the track this season.

January 2018 BOAB Meet & Eat

Monday BOAB Meet n Eat 8th Jan

By Marilyn Proctor

Our Monday, 8th of January BOAB Tree Meet ‘n Eat saw a record-breaking turnout for our first run of the year! The group included an assortment of colours, which overflowed the Boab Tree carpark in Kings Park. We caught up with one another before heading off on a run towards Hilary’s Boat Harbour.

There were the usual attendees, including Mike and Elinor H. in their red S3 Elise S, new CLA member Dave and Dawn F. in their chrome orange S3 Elise S and John and Robyn E. in their red Komo-Tec super charged Elise 1ZZ.  Peter B. rocked up in his new grey S2 Elise with a cool after market heads up display. John M. also joined us in his blue S2 Elise with stripes, which is currently up for sale.

We followed Eddie in his S1 Elise, who took a scenic drive with a few turns but lots of roundabouts. The drive was fantastic and due to the long summer day, we managed to get to our destination before dark. There was even a light breeze in the air and the evening was cool.

An absolute last minute reservation was made at Three Sheets and fortunately they were able to accommodate the group of about 19 people. Food and drink service was quick and at the end of the night, everyone was left happy and raring to meet yet again for the January EMR on Sunday 14th at 8AM at the Guildford Train Station.

Photos from the January 2018 Early Morning Run

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