Western Australia’s Quokka Talk for March, 2018

Images thanks to Eddie Lankhorst & Paul Clark

Settle in and enjoy another edition of Quokka Talk, covering all the action in Western Australia in February, 2018 thanks to Eddie Lankhorst and including a report on the February Early Morning Run, thanks to Paul Clark.

Quokka Talk

By Eddie Lankhorst

It’s March already, and here am I thinking that the year had only just begun! Where has the time gone?

Vicky and I are currently preparing to move back to Melbourne.  So much has happened in just a short period of time and we are scrambling to catch up with many of our friends before we move. In conjunction with Steve Pretzel we are arranging a Super EMR to Manjimup over the weekend Sat 17th and Sunday 18th March. The hope is to have a final blast and celebration with many of our Lotus friends and members who have made our time in Perth so enjoyable.

So, if you would like to join us for a weekend of driving Lotus friendly roads, let me or Steve know so we can book sufficient accommodation.  If you are not free for a full weekend, why not join us for a Saturday morning run south as far as you want to take it or if you are heading to Collie Raceway for the SESS Sprints on Saturday, why not stay the night in Manjimup and drive back to Perth with us via some interesting Lotus roads.

Speaking of which, Steve Pretzel will be taking the reins of co-ordinating all our events and news articles. So if you wish to volunteer your services, want to plan an EMR or want to write an article or two for the Lotus & Clubman Notes magazine, give Steve a yell.

Our events for the next couple of months are:

  • Monday 12th March – BOAB Meet n Eat, 6pm Kings Park
  • Sat 17th and Sun 18th March – Super EMR weekend to Manjimup – meet Guildford Railway carpark on James Street 8am
  • Sat 17th March – Speed Event Series & Rnd 2 Lotus Championship – Collie Raceway
  • Sat 31st March – Point to Point Series & Rnd 3 Lotus Championship – Barbagallo Raceway
  • Monday 9th April – BOAB Meet n Eat, 6pm Kings Park
  • Sunday 15th April – EMR – meet Guildford Railway carpark on James Street 8am

EMR around Perth Hills

By Paul Clark

On another beautiful sunny Sunday, the crew met for a coffee and natter before our run out from Guildford station at 0830. A nice mix of Colin’s finest was present. Ten cars in total ranging from a triple treat of V6 Exiges, a brace of beautiful Esprits and the regular motley mix of Elises, from John’s recently rebuilt Black 111 through to Mike and Steve’s late S3 Supercharged S3s and a single Elan S2 M100.

Having convinced most with the option to remove the roof to do so, and duly chastised Vicky for still not getting the roof off her Exige yet, we set off for the Hills. One of the many awesome things about life in WA is the rich variety of roads and scenery on offer within just 30 minutes of the CBD.

Our initial path had us turning into Jane Brook, and since this where John and Robyn live with their family of Lotus machines, the radio arked up with enquiries as to whether John had left the curling tongs on and was returning home… Thankfully not!

Soon we were enjoying some great roads, curves and scenery.  We passed through Helena Valley, Kalamunda, Gooseberry Hill, Mundaring, Bickley along our great WA roads, all twisty and varied, finally enjoying a run along the Canning Dam road to a stop off at that iconic scenic spot.

A few regroups were necessary, always enjoyable for the opportunity that provides to hear the varied cars play their tunes through the various V6, SC4, NA4 and V8 audio ranges.

We all arrived after a great drive at the Canning Dam meeting spot. Banter ensued and many photos were duly taken in this beautiful spot. We saddled up again for the continued blast out through the beautiful scenery of Pickering Brook and on through to Bickley and the Hainault Vineyard and Cafe. The arrival at Hainault, where tarmac gave way to gravel and thoughts turned to front splitters and ground clearance (maybe a Lotus SUV is not such a crazy idea – blasphemy I hear you cry) proved to be of no issue as we negotiated the long snaking driveway into the heart of the winery – with some trailblazers even choosing an alternate route to the car park.

Hainault is an absolute gem of a place, sporting a beautiful view across the winery from our allotted tables. The food was excellent and plentiful. All were sat at a lovely table, to which we continued to add as our numbers increased. We then had the fun of playing “Avocado Roulette” as we found our table directly under the shade of a mature Avocado tree, which was happily dispensing miniature green hand grenades as the breeze kicked in. Such a beautiful place and one to which I am sure many of us will return.

After a spirited 102.84kms (Eddie – always so precise) of WA’s awesome roads and scenery, once again we had enjoyed a new venue. To top it off, it was a mere 33 minutes back to the CBD.  Thanks Eddie as always for the meticulous planning of route and venue and to the CLWA members for coming out to enjoy the day and the camaraderie we enjoy. Until next time…

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