Lotus Photos: The May Run to Gosford Classic Car Museum

CLA Run to the Gosford Classic Car Museum by Ashton Roskill

Sunday the 20th of May saw us wake to an absolutely spectacular autumn day and head off on a run to the Gosford Classic Car Museum. Scroll on, and enjoy a few photos thanks to Terry Li, Syd Reinhardt and Ashton Roskill.

We met up at Thornleigh McDonalds at a respectful hour for a Sunday morning, taking our time to gather and catch up before heading out. From Thornleigh we enjoyed a more scenic route along the Old Pacific Highway as we headed north to Gosford to check out the museum and treasures contained within, meeting up with our friends in the LOST Fraternity along the way.

Terry Li, Syd Reinhardt and Ashton Roskill have kindly shared some photos from the run, and you can enjoy them below.

Terry Li

Thanks to Syd Reinhardt

Thanks to Ashton Roskill

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