An Invitation to Round 4 of the 2018 CSCA Series: The Morgan Super Sprint in August

Club Lotus at CSCA 2018 Round 2 Sydney Motorsport Park

Round 4 of 2018’s CSCA super sprints is coming up on Saturday the 11th of August and will be held at Sydney Motorsport Park on the Gardner GP circuit. The event will be hosted by the Morgan Owners Club, and entry is set to open on the 2nd of July via CAMS Event Entry.

Read on for your invitation and head to the official Morgan Owners Club website for up-to-date details.

CSCA Morgan Super Sprint Gardner GP SMSP 11 August 2018

Thanks to Choy-Lin WIlliams

Members are invited to enter the Morgan Super Sprint 2018 to be held at SMSP Gardner GP Circuit. I have attached the Entry Package for ease of reference. The Entry package is available on the Morgan Owners Club website here.

Entries open 2 July and is again via CAMS Event Entry.

As per discussion within the CSCA, we are inviting entries of electric and hybrid vehicles (EVs). The Morgan Motor Company is scheduled to start production of the Morgan EV3, an electric three wheeler Morgan, later this year. As Morgan Owners we feel it is time to include EVs in our super sprint.

I look forward to receiving your entries.

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