Recapping June’s Best of British Early Morning Run

WA’s May Early Morning Run saw the crew cruise out to the British Car Show at Gingin. Recap the action thanks to Steve Pretzel in his Best of British Early Morning Run report.

The Best of British EMR

By: Steve Pretzel

Photos: Steve Pretzel and Ellie Hamilton

Last year’s British Car Show at Gingin just north of Perth was really quite authentic.  Drizzle became rain, then fined up to drizzle as we all sloshed around in the grassy parking area trying not to splatter mud on our lovely Lotus.

This year’s event was much more Perth-like, with clear blue skies and a temperature of 25.

Not a tweed jacket in sight, as a dozen plus Lotus (and a trio of ring-in Porsches) congregated at our usual Guildford Station meeting spot.  Route coordinator, Wayne Proud, briefed us on the route and we were away.

Half an hour later we were back at Guildford Station to pick up Andrew in the Autostrada Cup 220 who had become separated from the pack.  Then we were really away.

Five minutes later we were back at Guilford Station, courtesy of one of the cars taking off ahead of the lead Lotus and turning left instead of right.  This time we really really were away!

Wayne’s route took us through the fringes of suburbia to the tree-lined, roundabout-infested suburb of Ellenbrook.  The plan was to avoid the tedium and traffic of Great Northern Highway and deposit us near Bullsbrook from which we would head towards the coast and Yanchep National Park for breakfast, before heading inland to Gingin.

Unfortunately the earlier delays meant that the best parts of the route had to be scrapped, so we could arrive at Gingin early enough to take up our reserved position on the grass.  This meant a stately cruise up the Brand Highway – perhaps more fitting for the Rolls Royce club than the spirited Lotus.  But the sun was shining and we were out driving, so it was all good.

Arriving at Gingin in time for elevenses, we filled our allotted area with a colourful palette of Lotus – all three series of Elises, a couple of Esprits, an Eclat, two Exiges and a gorgeous little Elan SE.  Predictably, the ‘Hethel huddle’ drew an immediate crowd of admirers.

Before long our group had dispersed to check out all the other British marques – and there certainly was an impressive display of classics to exotics, with virtually every British car manufacturer well represented.

Lunch was on the deck of the cafe in the park, before we all headed for home via a multitude of scenic routes.

Great weather and a great event more than made up for the shortened drive.  We’ll just have to park the rest of Wayne’s Yanchep route for another day!

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