Lotus Photos: 2018’s All British Day Sydney, thanks to Jeremy Braithwaite

2018 All British Day by Jeremy Braithwaite

Sunday the 23rd of September, 2018, saw us gathered in the magnificent grounds of the Kings School in Parramatta for the annual celebration of British motoring – the All British Day Sydney. Jeremy Braithwaite has kindly reached out with some images of the day, and you can enjoy them below!

With Sydney currently struggling to decide if it should be summer and 30-plus degrees, or winter and 13 degrees, we were happily provided a lovely spring day on Sunday. Many members took part in the day, producing a magic display of Lotuses as well as good company for relaxed picnicking and exploratory excursions to the displays put on by other British marques.

Thanks to all involved in the display and organisation of the day – particularly Evan Jones, who helped look after the tickets and much of the organisation of our display, and Ashton Roskill, who towed the Eleven back from the HSRCA historics in Goulburn to help out.

Enjoy the photos, thanks to Jeremy Braithwaite.

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