September Edition of Chunky’s Chatter Available for Download

Tyre Kick & Coffee, August 2018

Image: August’s Tyre Kick & Coffee, thanks to Evan Jones

Tom Devitt’s latest edition of Chunky’s Chatter should have made it to you over the weekend, and is now available to download from the members’ page.

The September edition of Chunky’s Chatter features:

  • Two Combined Sports Car Association reports, with Lotus in the lead
  • Lotus dominant at the Targa West tarmac rally
  • We remember Ronnie Peterson, who died 40 years ago

And much more! Enjoy Chunky’s lighthearted and sometimes irreverent monthly look at the world of Lotus.

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Get up to date with all of the news in Club Lotus Australia with the latest edition of Tom Devitt’s Chunky’s Chatter, covering the state of Lotus and life in August, 2018.

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