Quokka Talk: November 2018

Lined Up at Chidlow

Photos thanks to Ellie Hamilton

Catch up with our friends in Western Australia and recap everything on the go on the west coast in Steve Pretzel’s latest edition of Quokka Talk, covering November, 2018.

Quokka Talk, November 2018

Steve Pretzel

Fibber McGee’s

Our monthly meet ‘n‘ eat tends to involve a short drive to a local eatery, and this month was no different.  The Irish Pub self-proclaiming to offer ‘the best steaks in Perth’ was the selected destination, so with Steve Pretzel leading the way we took off in precisely the opposite direction!

There was, however, method in Steve’s apparent madness, giving the Lotus fleet an entertaining drive through the sweeping bends of Perth’s ritziest suburb, Dalkeith, following the contours of the Swan River. A complete 180 at the roundabout in Claremont and it was back the way we came.

Fibber McGee’s lived up to its reputation for steaks, and a good meal was had by all.

Lunch at Mandoon Estate

Hulls and Thrulls

Our plan to rotate leadership duties for our monthly Early Morning Runs (EMRs) has been working well this year, and for the second time this year it was our Kiwi mate John Edmondson leading the way.

A goodly turnout of cars assembled at Guildford, including newcomers Janet & Pete from Mandurah (welcome!), John in his Exige, Lena and Adrian, Mike and Ellie fresh from their adventures at Targa High Country, Ian (sporting new wheels and hardtop), Paul and Carolyn, and a Chrome Orange trio of David & Dawn, Justin, and Steve and Ali.

It was also great to have David Nolan back in the group.  David was able to time his holiday in Perth perfectly for the EMR and eagerly took the opportunity to ride radio for John in the lead car.

The route was an EMR classic. Up into the hills at Darlington, through Mundaring and Mt Helena then across to Chidlow for a rest stop.

Then it was across to the classic O’Brien Road, the ‘rollercoaster’ and the Brigadoon hilltops before descending from the scarp, into the Swan Valley and to our destination of the Mandoon winery for pizzas and beer.

Yet another excellent EMR!

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