Elisa Artioli Announced as Lotus 2019 Guest of Honour

Elisa & Romano Artioli

Image via Lotus 2019

Elisa Artioli, granddaughter of Romano Artioli and namesake of the Lotus Elise will attend Lotus 2019 on the beautiful Sunshine Coast as the event’s guest of honour.

Romano Artioli was the chairman of Lotus at the time of the Series 1 Elise’s launch and named the car after Elisa, his granddaughter. Travelling around the world to attend Lotus national events, Elisa has developed into a well-loved ambassador for the Lotus marque and commands an impressive knowledge of the Elise’s history. Over the 25th to the 28th of April, she’ll travel from Munich to attend Lotus 2019 as the guest of honour.

In other important Lotus 2019 news, the event is nearing capacity with just 22 places remaining! For further details and to book a place, head to www.lotus2019.com.au.

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