Video: Remembering Amaroo Park with the HSRCA

In July of 2018, the HSRCA held a social evening that saw them getting together to celebrate the history of Amaroo Park. They’ve since put a recording of the presentation up on YouTube, and you can view it below.

Many Club Lotus Australia members will have driven the circuit during its time, and the Lotus marque of course featured heavily throughout its history, so we wanted to share this with members and add the video to our archives.

The evening featured presentations by Club Lotus Australia’s Brian Caldersmith, former HSRCA President Peter Mohr, who won the first car race held on the circuit, John Lackey of the VSCCA, Kris Matich and Ray Berghouse. Plenty of wonderful stories and great photos from the era are shared.

This was a full evening’s worth of entertainment, so you’ll need to put the kettle on and prepare for a full feature. Hit play, and enjoy!

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