Ashton’s President’s Prattle for September, 2019

Ashton on the Peking to Paris

Images courtesy of Gerard Brown

I’m back, and right back into things.

First up, we had a committee meeting last weekend to confirm our plans for the last few months of this year, including:

  • The All British Day (contact Evan via for tickets) on Sunday 15th September
  • A decision to stay at the Kokoda Cafe for Tyre Kick – it seems to be very popular, with good coffee
  • LOTS more motorsport events (including Targa GBR as I write this, and Targa High Country in early November, HSRCA Spring Festival at the end of September, the Alpine Classic in mid October, CSCA events and any manner of fun and games to get involved in on track and off
  • Our Christmas Party on Sunday 8th December at the Commandment Rock picnic area in the Lane Cove National Park
  • And if there’s enough interest, I’m planning an evening in November with Gidget to run through some of the many photographs and experiences we had on the Peking to Paris rally.

Further out, we are starting to plan the Lotus 2021 event. As many of you will know, the plan is to spend a week in Tasmania, enjoying the great food, amazing wines and, of course, the phenomenal roads. So much so that we have adopted the strapline for the event “The roads are the track”.

The plan is to be in Tasmania in the last week of February of 2021, and we will be sending out an expression of interest to see how many we might expect to join us. Watch this space!

Chez Roskill, the garage, is about to have a shuffle. The Eleven has to go off to Adam Doyle Smith in Queensland to repair the damage done en-route to Lotus 2019. The Elite is due to return in time for the HSRCA Spring Festival at the end of September, and Gidget comes off the boat next weekend and most likely comes home as soon as Giles can get her out of the port. So, there may be some congestion while I get them sorted out 🙂

Above and below you’ll see my favourite two photos from the Peking to Paris rally (courtesy of Gerard Brown). One from Mongolia, and the second on one of the Russian special stages – hopefully they capture some of the fun we had.

So as we charge headlong into spring, I hope to see you out on the road soon! In the meantime, keep it safe, upright and on the blackstuff.

Pip pip,

Ashton on the Peking to Paris

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