CSCA 2019 Round Five: The Wooden (Morgan) Round

CSCA 2019 Round 5 Club Lotus

What a cracking day! A cool start followed by the warmth of Sydney winter and slight whiff of “Eau De EC Rubbish Tip” in everyone’s nostrils meant that the full SMSP track was ready for an onslaught. It’s rare that access is granted to the ‘full’ circuit – with both North and South Circuits combined and the Lotus team were up for it.

86 runners were confirmed for the day. Spread over five groups this allowed for six sessions, with twelve minute sessions becoming the norm as the day progressed. The Club Lotus Australia crew were set up over four carports and as usual the banter moved between the good, the bad and the ugly… but always funny.

CSCA 2019 Round 5 Club Lotus

Soon it was time for the drivers’ briefing with the Group 1 contingent ready to go on the dummy grid. The weapon of choice (a Lotus of course) out in force  in a vast array of colours, engine sizes and series – it was great to see in the Sydney sunshine.

On to the results, and Lotus fill five positions in the top ten!

Fastest marque car of the day was Leigh Fuller with a 2:08:4 – what a fantastic time and also fastest in P3. Next up was the Green Machine of Martin Duursma in the Cup 430 with a 2:09:1 (fastest in M3).  The close sprinting between Leigh and Martin was again great to witness and had the assembled throng on its feet as usual. Leigh and Martin were third and fourth respectively on the day.

CSCA 2019 Round 5 Club Lotus

Next up Liam Sheppard came home with a 2:13:7, fastest in M2 and 8th fastest on the day. Liam really had the car moving and continues to move up the grid at every outing – a great result. The fastest four-cylinder Toyota-based non-modified Lotus on the day.

Brett Stevens was next with 2:14:1. Brett had a great drive and continues to tame the Black Beast – it won’t be long until he is nipping at Leigh and Martin’s heels. Brett and Liam had a duel going that rivaled Leigh and Martin’s.

CSCA 2019 Round 5 Club Lotus

Colin Rudd rounded out the top ten with a 2:15:0 and keeps moving up the time sheets – a great drive!

Len Goodwin had the 1964 Elan firing and produced a sensational time of 2:15:9, heading the field in M1. What a car, what a sound and what a driver! It was heard at the end of the day that more HP was needed in the Elan … watch this space!

Rex Hodder was next up with a 2:17:0 and was in M1. The fastest of the non-supercharged Toyotas – very tidy drive!

Tim Kierath followed n the Exige 410 with a 2:19:1. Tim is still getting used to the car and is setting some excellent times – well done Tim.

Terrance Waugh in the Banks Europa set a 2:21:7 – great drive and a great and unique car and beautifully presented.

Keith Edwards had a 2:24:7 in the Audi RS3 and enjoys every minute on the track.

CSCA 2019 Round 5 Club Lotus

Melanie Valdes was next fastest and fastest lady driver of the day. She posted a 2:26:1 and had a great day. Both Mel and her support crew (aka Gino) finished with big smiles on their faces.

Gemma Gibson posted a 2:38:2 in the Elise S. Gemma keeps on improving round on round, which is wonderful to see!

While not a CLA member, special mention should go to Madison Downs – driving Tim Mackie’s S1 HPE. Madison, set a time of 2:12:3 proving that transition from the virtual to the real world can be done – great driving!

CSCA 2019 Round 5 Club Lotus

It was lovely to see many CLA members turning up to say hello, lend a hand and be part of the team – many thanks all!

At the end of the day there were plenty of smiles to go along with a few PBs! The next event will be at SMSP (North) on the 14thth September hosted by the MG Club. We look forward to seeing you there!

Yours in motorsport,
The CLA Motorsport Committee.

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