Roads and Maritime Services Launch Historic and Classic Vehicle Newsletter

Photo by Ellie Hamilton

Roads and Maritime Services is set to launch a newsletter for historic and classic car enthusiasts. Issue number one is due in September, and sign-up is available now.

The goal of the newsletter is to keep you informed of regulation and policy that affects owners and drivers of historic and classic cars, as well as to keep in touch with news and events, answer questions and provide a forum for feedback.

As mentioned, the first issue of the newsletter is currently being drafted and is planned to launch during the first week of September. The Roads and Maritime Services team have reached out to us to encourage members to sign up for the newsletter in time for its launch.

You can sign up on the Historic and Classic Vehicle Newsletter page of the RMS website, which you can get to by clicking this handy link. If you miss a newsletter, each release will be made available on that page.

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