Spring is Here: South Australia’s Lotus Torque for October, 2019

Lotus Torque October 2019

Yellow was the colour of the day. Tony and Pat’s S2, John Carter’s S1 and Derry’s Elan make a nice triplet

In which we catch up with our South Australian friends, who are celebrating Spring with a run into the Adelaide Hills and other fun in the cars.

SA Lotus Torque: Spring is Here

An occasional contribution from our SA correspondent 

Yeah! September means springtime, warmer weather (maybe), footy finals, the end of third term, the start of the countdown to Christmas, Fathers Day, and of course our September Lotus Run in the Adelaide Hills.

By some mathematical quirk of fate the first Sunday of the month (our run), and the first Sunday in September (Father’s Day) seem to regularly coincide, and with the conflicting demands of the latter, our numbers are often down for the day. Not so in 2019, with a bumper crop of Lotus miscreants turning up, with the promise of a ‘quick one’ so that they could get a squirt through the hills before resuming family obligations.

Lotus Cortina Dwarfs Lotus S1

David & Edwina Baird’s Lotus Cortina dwarfs the author’s Lotus S1

Like Mars, once again S1 Elises were in the ascendency, although Derry Swan’s S3 Elan made the most of the day. How many other Lotus are there out there that have had 46 years of continuous single ownership? We also welcomed back our ‘grey nomads’, David and Edwina, who had resumed acquaintance with their Lotus Cortina after 4WD expeditions west and north.

Following the usual chitchat and inspections at the Sikh Centre, the unanimous vote was for a tour through the scenic drive to Meadows, for coffee and cake. As usual, a few had just turned up for the meet and greet session and didn’t join the parade up the South Eastern Freeway, but the snake up the freeway of those who joined in was quite a sight none the less.

If only all early Europas were this well looked-after

If only all early Europas were this well looked-after

After a sunny start for some who came from the coast, the conditions closed in as we climbed the hill out of Adelaide until we were in thick fog by the time we reached Crafers.  Undeterred, we pressed on through Stirling, Aldgate, and Mylor. While the cloud lifted somewhat, the surface stayed damp, and the occasional 4X4 Ute laden with Father’s Day gifts slowed our progress a little.

Soon enough we all arrived at the Meadows Bakery, taking over the back room for a warming coffee, sticky bun and catchup, before a quick check of the watch had those with lunch appointments heading back towards town or their winery reservation.

Andrew Sheena's Europa S was the perfect car for the conditions

Andrew Sheena’s Europa S was the perfect car for the conditions

As we left, the sun poked its head out from the cloud bank. Just enough that the kids could have a run in the park, but not quite enough for the run home to be completely dry.

So we’ll have another go on October 6th, as usual, meeting up at the Sikh Centre at the bottom of the SE Freeway.  As always, please remember to park close together at the far end of the car park, and blow-ins are always welcome.

Andrew Stevens

Elsie overlooks the gaggle of Lotus before the run

Elsie overlooks the gaggle of Lotus before the run

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