Quokka Talk: August’s Early Morning Run to the Henley Brook Tavern

Photos: Wayne Proud

WA’s August Early Morning Run saw them take off from the usual Guildford meeting place, heading to the Helney Brook Tavern via the long way. Read on for a report on the day, thanks to John Edmondson with photos thanks to Wayne Proud.

Quokka Talk – August EMR – Guildford to the Henley Brook Tavern the long way!

by: John Edmondson

photos: Wayne Proud

Not a large turnout for today’s run due to a few members being overseas enjoying a spin around Hethel at the Lotus Driving Academy. So, we had just four cars; 1 S2 Exige, 2 S2 Elise’s and 1 S3 Elise.

We headed off at 0830 sharp towards the hills to try out some new roads and scenery. It was a lovely sunny morning and with an expected high of 25c.

The first of the new roads started almost straight away with some tight and twisty bits up through the Swan Hills then around the back of our place before getting back to our all-time favourite roads up behind Brigadoon. Had to do ‘the Roller Coaster’ again, then on past Peter Brock’s memorial and the long road back out to Toodyay Road. Turning off Toodyay Road a short time later heading to Wundowie for a short comfort stop.

The second leg took us out to Great Eastern Highway and on past the Bakers Hill Bakery to a new set of roads. Turning left off of the main highway onto Chitty Road we headed along at a nice pace until we hit a short 2.5km stretch of unsealed road.

When I checked the road three weeks prior it was in good condition. But, there had been some heavy rain over the next couple of weeks and there were now a few holes and bumpy bits to negotiate at a slower pace. We all got to the other end slightly shaken but not stirred with our cars now a little dustier than they were before we started the run.

The rest of the roads flowed along some nice rolling countryside with spectacular views of green pastures, valleys and hills. We crossed over Toodyay Road again and headed on to and along Chittering Valley Road eventually coming out onto Great Northern Highway. An easy run back towards Perth along the main road turning off at Middle Swan Road to head to our lunch destination at The Henley Brook Tavern.

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  1. Hey Lotus Club WA.
    I am interested in learning a bit more about Elise’s with the view of buying and have made several attempts to make contact both thru this website and facebook.
    it would be good to catch up at a couple of meetings, outings or events.
    I see an event is on at a kart club tomorrow.
    Can someone contact me with details or a contact phone number?
    cheers, Chris (Perth WA) 0411 820 910

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