Quokka Talk: Taking York by Storm for Sunday Lunch

Elise S2, S3s and an Exige in York

Photos: Janet Franzen & Ellie Hamilton

Janet Franzen recaps WA’s September early morning run, which saw the crew taking York by storm and enjoying a Sunday lunch at the Old Flourmill Café.


Quokka Talk: September’s Early Morning Run – Taking York by storm for Sunday Lunch

Guildford to The Old Flourmill Café in York

by: Janet Franzen
photos: Janet Franzen & Ellie Hamilton

This month’s early morning run was organised and led by Pete & Janet Franzen.

Sunday morning was beautiful, albeit a bit cool as we live much further south than most of the club. We headed up towards Guildford to the usual rendezvous point and enjoyed the beautiful clear skies leading up to a perfect day for the early morning run to York.

Gavins Stunning S2 Elise

Gavin’s Stunning S2 Elise

We were happy to be greeted by an amazing turn-out for the run, featuring a wide variety of Lotus to play with along the curves, hills and countryside. Approximately eleven Lotus joined us to experience the beautiful day that was forecast for our 145km route. These were drawn from a wide variety of models and variants for the foray, including Elise S1 and S2, 4 Elise S3s and 2 Exige S2s.

We left Guildford train station, the beautiful variety of colourful Lotus cars glinting in the sun, and headed out towards the surrounding countryside. Being a drive free day due to climate protests, we figured we would have the run of the road, but still had the normal cyclists and ‘Sunday drivers’ to deal with until we got out of Kalamunda.

Heading down the beautifully sunny roads with spring finally in the air and the beautiful green trees and wildflowers in bloom added to the wonderful day.

Chidlow Pit Stop

Chidlow Pit Stop

We stopped at the Chidlow Tavern for our normal pit stop, but it was closed for renovations.  Regardless, everyone had a good catch up and we even let an eager young girl have a sit in our Lotus.

Refreshed, the Lotus convoy headed down the Great Eastern Highway with great open roads ahead for us all the way to York.

Old & New S1 & S3 Elise

Old & New, S1 and S3 Elise

After the fun turns, hills and open roads we stopped for lunch at The Flourmill Café in beautiful downtown York. There was great conversation, food, cars and friends and after lunch a few of us did a further run up to the Mount Brown Lookout.

Mount Brown Lookout

Mount Brown Lookout

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