Your November 2019 Edition of Chunky’s Chatter is Available for Download

CLA 2018 Christmas Party

2019’s penultimate edition of Chunky’s Chatter is available for download from the members’ page, with thanks to editor Tom Devitt.

The November 2019 edition of the Chunky’s Chatter features:

  • Lotus Returns to Two Wheels for the 2020 Olympics
  • A Small Tribute to a Renowned Automotive Engineer – Peter Molloy
  • Dane Rowe Tells Us of the Great Toilet Blaze of Finland

And much more! Head to the members’ page to enjoy Chunky’s lighthearted and sometimes irreverent monthly look at the world of Lotus.

If you’re not a member already, have a browse around the site and hit up our membership page here to find out why you should become one!

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