Western Australia’s Dwellingup Loop Early Morning Run

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Images thanks to Wayne Proud

WA’s October early morning run saw them heading south to enjoy the Dwellingup Loop. Read on for a recap of the event with thanks to Steve Pretzel.

Paul Alan putting the world to rights

Paul and Alan putting the world to rights

October EMR – Dwellingup Loop!

by: Steve Pretzel

photos: Wayne Proud

After several recent trips into the hills east of Perth, it was time to take a trip southwards. And so it was that our October EMR was the Dwellingup Loop.

Steve Pretzel led the run, which started at Guildford before heading up Ridge Hill Road towards Kalamunda. Our Lotus crew for the day included John & Robyn, Paul & Spilly, Alan & Karen, Wayne and Steve.

At a roundabout at the top of a particularly steep and twisty road we were surprised to see a group of skateboarders, wearing helmets but little other protective gear, about to launch into a descent. We all felt it was a good thing that we hadn’t encountered them on their way down the hill as we were coming up! Although, there was some speculation as to how far a skateboard could fly if it used an oncoming Elise as a launching ramp.

Ultimate fuel for the ultimate sports car

Ultimate fuel for the ultimate sports car

From Kalamunda we descended into the picturesque Piesse Brook valley, before wending our way through Pickering Brook towards Brookton Highway. A quick fuel stop was required.  Steve had had some early morning issues with a flat battery to attend to before making his way to the start of the run and hadn’t had time to stop for fuel before arriving at the meeting point.

We were quickly underway, enjoying the sweeping, swooping Canning Dam run through to Albany Highway, before turning left at Jarrahdale for our next ‘comfort’ stop at Serpentine Dam.

Leaving Serpentine Dam we encountered a fairly large scale cycling race on the road ahead, but fortunately they were well spread out and didn’t hold us up too much.

John Edmondson's Exige S

John Edmondson’s Exige S

A brief run down the South West Highway and we were soon peeling left onto Del Park Road for the climbing, flowing run up to Dwellingup.

Brunch was at the ever-reliable Blue Wren Cafe. This is a business that has really adapted to the tourism boom in Dwellingup, with lots of staff and quick turnarounds on meals despite being at close to capacity.

Our EMR was officially over at this point, with drivers choosing their own routes home. Steve (motto:  Too much Elise driving is never enough) pressed on to do the Nanga Road to Waroona, then explored a link road from Coolup that completed a circle back to Dwellingup before pointing his trusty Elise northwards and retracing the entire morning run in reverse direction.

Wayne Proud's Canyon Red Exige S

Wayne Proud’s Canyon Red Exige S

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