Ashton’s President’s Prattle for February, 2020

Gidget in the Peking to Paris 2019

Photo by Gerard Brown

Hi everyone,

The year is fast turning into a busy one, with the motorsport season already underway and the beginnings of a great social schedule in the planning.

This weekend we have the Bathurst 12 Hour, followed by SSC’s first LOTD trackday at Bathurst on Wednesday. The CLA-organised first CSCA sprint is coming up on the 14th of March, and the HSRCA Autumn Festival (also at Wakefield) will be held the following weekend (21st-22nd March).

Socially, we are getting into the detail of the Lotus 2021 Tour of Tasmania for the gathering of the clans in February next year. It’s hard to believe that it is only a year away, so I’m delighted that the planning is well underway.

Tyre Kick and Coffee at the Kokoda Cafe is held on the third Sunday of every month (so February 16th this month), and I have a plan to run an evening about the Peking to Paris in late February or early March – watch this space. (I’m also talking to the HSRCA on Tuesday if you fancy coming along – 6.30 at the Denistone Sports Club, 59 Chatham Road, Denistone 2114).

With the gradual move into Autumn, I am hoping the worst of the hot weather is behind us, and that the portable air conditioner I have finally succumbed to buying will get relatively little use! I would like to take the opportunity to pass on our thoughts to all those impacted by the terrible fires this year, and our very grateful thanks to the emergency services, and most particularly the Rural Fire Service and WIRES, both of which have been stretched beyond what would normally be considered acceptable.

I would also encourage you to consider visiting some of the worst affected areas for weekends away to get some money back into the local economies, and with the weather forecast to bring some relief to the heat, perhaps we can get a weekend away organised? Let me know if you have a good idea for something, perhaps in April (but not over Easter)?

As a final note of thanks, I am humbled by all the support from friends and family who voted the picture of Gidget climbing out of the sandpit in the Gobi desert in the Sports Car Digest Vintage Racing Car Photo of the year 2019 competition. Gerard Brown’s excellent photograph won first place!

And on that happy note, I’ll wish you all a fantastic February, and I look forward to seeing you soon; in the meantime, keep it safe, upright and on the blackstuff!

Pip pip,

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