Round Wrap-Up: CSCA 2020 Round 1 at Wakefield Park

 Images thanks to Peter Klumper, Chris Pearse and Melanie Valdes

We woke on the morning of Saturday the 14th of March to cold and rain. It was a good day, because it was finally time to get the cars back out on the track. 2020’s motorsport season kicked off over the weekend with round one of the CSCA series hosted by Club Lotus Australia at Wakefield Park.

75 starters, including 25 from Club Lotus Australia, braved the elements, skipped the grand prix (which was then cancelled) and journeyed out one more time as COVID-19 slowly puts us on lockdown.

CSCSA 2020 Round 1 at Wakefield Park

The day began in the cafeteria, where we took shelter from the downpour to hold the driver’s briefing. Terrible weather kept up through most of the day, giving us next to zero grip to work with in the morning sessions.

Thankfully, lunchtime provided a break, with patches of blue sky appearing and a few dry lines developing. The sun appeared for the last few sessions, which everyone enjoyed – some a little too much!

CSCSA 2020 Round 1 at Wakefield Park

We were proud to host three generations of Klumpers at the event, with Ross volunteering and Peter and Lachlan Klumper running on Saturday. The Klumper family has a long history and pedigree in motorsport. Peter still remembers his first CSCA event in 1995. It was Lachlan’s first time in a car at Wakefield Park Raceway. However, having driven go-karts since he was 11 years old, he is already a tidy steerer. Such a joy to see them celebrate a memorable day together.

Chris Pearse is a new Club Lotus Australia member who joined us for his first time on track and first time at Wakefield Park Raceway. He did an amazing job battling the pouring rain in the first few sessions and really got into a great rhythm as the track dried out through the day. A fun day with his wife Sonia and daughter, who were there to watch his first track day.

The overall top ten fastest times included 8 Lotii and CLA members. Martin Duursma went fastest, clocking a 1:06.57. He was closely followed by Jonathon Bristow (Exige) 1:06.67, Brett Stevens (Exige) 1:07.34, Richard Woodhams 1:08.03 (Elise) and John Deller 1:09.47 (Commodore).

Congratulations to the CSCA Round 1 CLA Class Winners :

    • Class CD1 Len Goodwin (Elan 26R) – 1:11.53
    • Class M1 Ashton Roskill (Elise) – 1:10.89
    • Class M2 Colin Rudd (Elise) – 1:10.04
    • Class M3 Martin Duursma (430 Cup) – 1:06.57
    • Class P2 Richard Woodhams (Elise) – 1:08.03
    • Class P3 Brett Stevens (Exige) – 1:07.90
    • Class R1 Syd Reinhardt (Elise) – 1:10.08

You can download the full results at the following links (right-click and ‘Save-as’):

CSCA 2020 R1 Wakefield Park Outright Results [PDF]

CSCA 2020 R1 Wakefield Park Class Results [PDF]

CSCA 2020 R1 Wakefield Park Individual Lap Times [PDF]

Despite the rain there were no major incidents and only two  recoveries out of 70 starters. This included one CLA member who ran out of petrol and blew a fuse after having too much fun on a 20 minute extended session at the end of the day. Special shout out to the CLA folks who helped push the little car onto the trailer – you know who you are!

CSCSA 2020 Round 1 at Wakefield Park

It is impossible for an event to happen without volunteers. Special thanks to all the CLA volunteers on the day, and to Tom Devitt, our chief steward, Anne Blackwood – supporting race control, Mike Basquil, our chief scrutineer (CLA Motorsport Advisor), and David Mackie our event secretary.

CSCSA 2020 Round 1 at Wakefield Park

Special mention to Mike B, John Culvenor and Steve Madden as stand-out volunteers who battled the worst downpour earlier in the day working as grid marshalls and start/finish flaggies.

We’ll finish with some sentiments from CLA CSCA competitors. See you at Sydney Motorsport Park on the 19th of April.

“I did have fun” Keith 

“A great day despite the weather” Pete

“Thank you very much for organising such a great day, it was really enjoyable” Chris

“Well organised and so massively grateful, look forward to the next day” Colin

“Really well run despite the weathers best efforts” Richard

Thanks to Peter Klumper

Thanks to Melanie Valdes

Thanks to Chris Pearse

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