Ashton’s President’s Prattle for May, 2020

Land Rover Project

Hello fellow isolationists,

As we plough on into month three of the isolation process, there is all sorts of chatter about how and when the degree of separation might change.

I for one am no clearer as to what the next few weeks and months might include, but in the meantime, it has been an interesting exercise in social observation. Many of our neighbours have become much better known to us and the dog has never been so well known in the area. There has been a marked increase in the development of productive gardens. Standing desks have become more popular, inventive exercise routines have become more commonplace, and (ahem) alcohol consumption might have gone up. Or is that just our household?

What is in no doubt is that some things have changed forever, and some things will spring back largely to where they were. It’s just a case of which is which.

So, will Syd, Martin and all the others continue their newly found hobby of sim racing once the tracks are open again? Will I finish rebuilding the Land Rover? And will it ever get used?! What will happen to all those chickens that people have bought for their backyard farms? And will the seeds that were sown out of season ever emerge?

Never mind, we are continuing to plan for the Tour of Tasmania in February, assuming that things will start to return to normal in the next few months, and that by February Tasmania will need all the dollars we can take them. So, although we have not yet started to either pay for or ask for payment for the event, if you are interested in joining us, make sure you register your interest by emailing Anne at or contact us via the website

We are all very much looking forward to seeing you once we get out the other side of this somewhat tiring and trying time.

In the meantime, please keep safe and well, keep your distance, and make sure the infirm and immuno-compromised are well looked after, and we’ll all come out the other side.

Pip pip,

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  1. Well said; life in the country NSW is a little easier with large back yards, workshops and plenty of places to walk or push bike. I feel for members who live in the inner suburbs in terrace houses and apartments and parks that are in extremely high demand, where keeping your distance is much more challenging. Our biggest difficulty is visiting family members who live away.

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