Entries Are Open for CSCA 2020 Round 3 at Pheasant Wood Circuit

CSCA 2019 Round 1 Wakefield Park Club Lotus Australia

The 2020 super sprint season is firing back up, with round three to be hosted by the Newcastle MG Car Club at Pheasant Wood Circuit on Saturday the 18th of July. Not only is this our first sprint since we went underground back in March, but it’s the first CSCA super sprint to be held at Pheasant Wood in four years.

Entry is open now via the Motorsport Australia Members’ Portal, available on their homepage:


The official invitation follows, with thanks to the Newcastle MG Car Club. The full details including supplementary regulations, invitation and self-scrutiny checklist are available on their website.

We hope you’ll join us and support the event at this significant and unusual time in our motorsport history.

First CSCA Super Sprint at Pheasant Wood

You are invited to enter Round 3 of the 2020 CSCA Supersprint Series, hosted by MG Car Club Newcastle, to be run at Pheasant Wood Circuit on Saturday 18th July 2020.

Special Requirements for COVID-19

  1. The event will be run according to Motorsort Australia’s “Return to Race” Strategy document, which is available on Motorsport Australia website.
  2. All attendees are expected to exercise physical distancing and hygiene practices as per current community
    health standards.
  3. No more than one support person should attend the event for each entered driver. No spectators.
  4. Each person attending will be required to give contact details on arrival at the entry gate, and use of the Australian Government COVID SAFE app is strongly encouraged.
  5. There will be no on-circuit document checking at the event. Motorsport Australia licences will be checked online. For confirmation of club membership, entrants need to email suitable evidence to the event secretary (such as a picture of their membership card) at least 2 days before the event.
  6. There will be no on-circuit routine vehicle scrutiny. Each driver is required to perform their own self-scrutiny of vehicle and apparel and submit a completed, signed Motorsport Australia Self-Scrutiny Checklist to the event secretary via electronic means at least 2 days before the event. A blank form will be emailed to each entrant.
  7. An electronic drivers briefing document will be issued to each entrant prior to the event. Further information will be given on the day using the public address speaker system to avoid gathering of people.

Entry is via Motorsport Australia Event Entry, which is accessed via the Member Portal on the homepage of the Motorsport Australia website: https://motorsport.org.au/.

If you are new to Motorsport Australia Event Entry and need guidance please consult your club CSCA delegate. If you are not a member of a CSCA club and need help, please call me.

Entries will be accepted as per Supp Regs Item 11. Please provide ALL information to confirm your vehicle class and lap times to help place you in the appropriate running group. Since this will be our first event at this track, we do not expect you to have a previous lap time for Pheasant Wood! But please provide lap times for Sydney Motor Sport Park circuits and Wakefield Park where ever possible.

Confirmation of entry will be via 2 emails. The first will be notification of your entry. The second will confirm your competition number, running group, & grid position. The second email will be sent in the week before the event.

The preferred (& cheapest) payment method is via Direct Deposit. Alternatively, payment can be made via Motorsport Australia Credit Card (Note! this method will incur card charges). See the Supplementary Regulations for the full payment details.

It is compulsory for all drivers to hold the appropriate current Motorsport Australia licence AND to be a member of a Motorsport Australia affiliated Club. Licences will be checked online. Club membership evidence such as an image of the entrant’s membeship card must be emailed to the event secretary at least 2 days prior to the event. Also, competition numbers will be available for sale at administration.

Note! All vehicles and apparel must comply with Standard Requirements for Supersprints, & each driver must submit a completed signed Self-Scrutiny Checklist to the event secretary at least 2 days prior to the event.

At Pheasant Wood, the timing system uses MyLaps transponders. For this CSCA event, Eldee Timing has kindly offered that anybody that has their own Dorian will get MyLaps transponder free of charge. Those that normally hire a Dorian and don’t have a MyLaps transponder of their own will have to hire a transponder.

There are a limited number of carports available on a first come basis.

We look forward to receiving your entry to this historic event!

Yours faithfully,
John Garroway
Event Secretary
PO Box 30
0436 022 393

2 Comments on “Entries Are Open for CSCA 2020 Round 3 at Pheasant Wood Circuit”

    1. Hi Hawke,

      We heard from one competitor who was struggling to log in until they were able to get a new password from Motorsport Australia support.

      Perhaps reach out to the MG Newcastle team as they should be able to get you going, and tag us in as well (motorsport@clublotus.com.au).


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