Ashton’s President’s Prattle for July, 2020

President's Prattle

Hey there!

We appear to be gradually regaining some sense of normality as the country (except Victoria) starts to get used to the new normal post-COVID. Social distancing is likely to be with us for a while yet (likely until either COVID is eradicated and/or a vaccine is available.

The good news is that we are now allowed to drive our cars (including the historic registered ones) again for pleasure. With some clear guidelines in place, events are starting to appear on the calendar:

  • On Saturday the 18th of July we have the first LOTD of the year at Wakefield Park. Sadly the Victorians will be unable to attend, but we are hoping for a fun-filled day with friends nonetheless
  • Also on Saturday, the 18th of July – the CSCA series get back underway at Marulan
  • On Sunday the 19th of July we are planning to reconvene the Tyre Kick and Coffee at the Kokoda Cafe, with appropriate social distancing being observed please
  • August 28-30 will see the HSRCA run their Spring Festival at Wakefield Park with a strong turnout expected

Aside from the rather dull issue of COVID and lockdown, we continue to hold our breath regarding the likelihood of Lotus 2021 going ahead in February next year. We still hope to be in Tasmania then, but will make the decision in September.

Hoping you have all completed your projects, sorted out the garden, tidied the garage and generally caught up on all those tasks on your to do list. I haven’t!

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, have fun, and keep it upright and on the black stuff. I look forward to catching up with lots of you over the next few weeks of events

Pip pip,

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