Round Wrap-Up: CSCA 2020 Round 3 at Pheasant Wood Circuit

Club Lotus at CSCA 2020 Round 3, Pheasant Wood Circuit

After Round 2 of the CSCA sprints was cancelled due to COVID-19 logistics, Round 3 was well supported by 61 competitors who were eager to get back on track. The MG Car Club of Newcastle did a fantastic job of understanding the Motorsport Australia and Government COVID guidelines to host a very successful and safe event at Pheasant Wood Circuit in Marulan on 18th July.

Club Lotus at CSCA 2020 Round 3, Pheasant Wood Circuit

CLA numbers were down a little due to Lotus Cars Australia holding a track day at Wakefield Park on the same day, but we still managed to field 10 entries. Len Goodwin was a late withdrawal with health issues, with Alan Pate going out in sympathy. You were both greatly missed and we wish you a speedy and full recovery.

It’s been a while since we have visited the Marulan circuit and boy has it changed. The new owners have spent many millions of dollars so far, with another $30M to come. The pit facilities are excellent and the track has been extended and fully re-surfaced. It’s a great little track for sprints and I’m keen to have a go myself – but not this time.

Club Lotus at CSCA 2020 Round 3, Pheasant Wood Circuit

Long term CSCA competitors will remember 15 years ago, when I left a supersprint at Eastern Creek before lunch time to bring Elizabeth home from hospital with our new boy Angus. Well, after spending his life around Lotus and racetracks, it was finally his turn to have ago for himself.

I decided it would be best to put Angus in Harriet’s MX5 rather than my Exige for his first outing, but I have to admit I was worried when I saw all the concrete walls at Pheasant Wood! Fortunately, Angus looks to have inherited his grandfather’s driving skill. Having only driven the MX5 once before – along his grandad’s driveway – he drove brilliantly all day and brought the car back in perfect condition. He improved throughout, lowering his times by over four seconds with a final time of 1:08.3. We are very proud of him.

Club Lotus at CSCA 2020 Round 3, Pheasant Wood Circuit

The rest of the CLA team steadily improved throughout the course of the day as they came to terms with the new track layout. Richard Wodhams took out FTD in his Lotus Elise with a time of 58.81. Next was Grahame Burton in his Hawke Formula Ford with 1:00.30 taking 4th Outright and 1st in Class S2. Rex Mellor did an amazing job in the little Toyota 86 to win Class M1 with a 1:01.08 and beating his father by over a second.

Other CLA members results;

  • 17th Peter Delle Holden Commodore R3 1:02.16
  • 19th Paul Tilse Porsche Cayman Gt4 M3 1:02.41
  • 27th Terence Waugh Renault Sport Spider R4 1:03.11
  • 29th John Deller Holden Commodore R3 1:03.68
  • 30th Keith Edwards Audi RS3 R3 1:03.76
  • 42nd Brian Sutton Mazda MX5 M1 1:06.84. (competing with MGCCN)
  • 50th Angus Mackie Mazda MX5 M1 1:08.39

Club Lotus at CSCA 2020 Round 3, Pheasant Wood Circuit

It was great to see everyone back at the track and hopefully the next events can go ahead as smoothly as this one.

Stay safe and happy everyone,
David Mackie

Upcoming CSCA Rounds:

ROUND 5: TSOA 12th September at Wakefield Park (STILL ON)

ROUND 6: JDCA 18th October at SMP – North (STILL ON)

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  1. Congratulations Angus, I’m sure your dad will be looking in his rear view mirror as you gain more track time and you lap times improve!

    Well done, Robert Barker.

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