Entries Open for CSCA 2020 Round 5 at Wakefield Park

July 2020 Lotus-Only Track Day at Wakefield Park

Entry to round five of the 2020 CSCA super sprint series is now open. The event will be held at Wakefield Park on Saturday the 12th of September and hosted by the Triumph Sports Owners Association in conjunction with Motor Racing Australia, alongside round seven of the 2020 MRA series.

Entry is available at the following link:


You can find the official details below, with thanks to Terry Denovan of Motor Racing Australia.

We’ll hope that you’ll join us to get the cars out and enjoy a day of fresh air and good company out in Goulburn’s picturesque countryside.

Entry Now Open for the TSOA CSCA Super Sprint at Wakefield Park

The online entry system for the TSOA Super sprint at Wakefield Park on the 12th September is now open. An up to date entry list, online entry link and any event documents (including supplementary regulations) can be found on the website.


A Few Key Points

Entry has to be completed online, you will receive an automated email directly after your entry.

Carports and garages are booked with your entry. We only have 60 carports available, if you book a carport with your entry… you will get a carport.

Once your payment has been received (direct deposit, credit card & PayPal), you will receive a confirmation email with a tax invoice, and your name and vehicle will appear on the website above.

Two drivers per vehicle is OK. Each driver will need to complete a separate entry form, and I ask each competitor to put a note in the ‘notes’ section say they are doing a dual entry.

Due to COVID-19, each driver is limited to two crew members/helpers. (1 entry = 1 driver + 2 helpers)

Each entrant will receive an email for helpers and crew members to complete a form online. This form must be completed online, and both the driver and helper/crew member will receive a confirmation email once the form has been completed (this form is NOT for the driver… only the helper.) The link you receive is for you as a driver. This means that when the form is filled out, we know who the helper belongs to – it’s not something that is to be shared publicly.

Only crew/helpers that have completed the form will be able to gain access to the venue.

An online vehicle declaration must be completed by each competitor as well, this is your scrutineering form. Again, it’s to be completed online, and each competitor will then be subject to spot checks by scrutineers on the day.

Wakefield Park have changed the access to the venue. Any person attending the venue will be directed up the side road and will need to present photo ID, which will be cross referenced to drivers/officials/crew/helpers. Once past that point, each person will be subject to temperature checking by one of the paramedics.

All licences will be checked prior to the event to ensure everything is up to date. If there is any issue I will get back to you about it.

One key point. DON’T STRESS, DON’T WORRY. Many of you don’t know me, but I want to assure you that these events are run at a high level with a very relaxed environment. We’re here to have an enjoyable and efficient event.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email. My time is very limited on the phone, but if you have to call, then please do. But, emails are preferred.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the event in September.

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