Lotus 2021 Postponed Until 2022

Lotus 2021 Postponed to 2022

It is with a mix of disappointment and hope that we announce the postponement of Lotus 2021 to February 2022. We hope that when we arrive in Tasmania some eighteen months from now, our world will have reached a new equilibrium and we’ll be able to hold a celebration to suit.

The biennial Lotus spectacular is a celebration of the community and the marque which has drawn us all together. It has become clear that, outside of practical considerations, by the time we get to crunch time, the event may not be available to the entire community, whether that be due to ongoing concerns, regulation, or financial constraints. By postponing the event by a year, we hope to be in an environment in which it can live up to its spirit.

That said, 2022 is a long way away, and we could all use something to look forward to between now and then. So, in lieu of the original Lotus 2021 plan we are going to hold an informal Lotus road trip through country New South Wales in Autumn 2021.

The plan is to enjoy our cars and community for a weekend and take advantage of the temperate Autumn weather. It will be a relaxed, informal affair and all will be welcome. More details to come shortly!

From everyone on the Lotus 2021 committee we wish you our best and hope you are keeping safe and well and looking after each other. In particular, our thoughts are with our Victorian friends in these tough times.

Take care, and we’ll be back with more news in the coming weeks.

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  1. Hi

    I am very keen to participate in the lotus gathering in Tasmania. Is it possible to book?


    Andy Hayes

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