Michael Hipperson Releases New Book: Chasing Elites

Chasing Elites

Friend of the club Michael Hipperson has released his third book ‘Chasing Elites’, covering the Lotus Elite Type 14.

‘Chasing Elites’ seeks to understand what made the Lotus Elite Type 14 so remarkable and ahead of its time. It includes a foreword by Max Mosley.

The book sells for £10 and Hipperson donates proceeds to children’s charities once self publishing expenses have been covered. His previous two books raised £20,000 for such charities, having sold close to 4,000 copies.

Elite fans or those looking to learn more about the cars can pick up a copy online at Hipperson’s ‘Let Them Stare’ website here.

3 Comments on “Michael Hipperson Releases New Book: Chasing Elites”

  1. Hi Micheal Have watched your Video on Max Mosley,s Elite many times and in it you said your father had 1830
    I am the new owner of 1830 and trying to its history in the UK before comeing to australia

  2. Hello Michael

    A friend has just sent me a copy of this book and simply wanted to thank you for writing it! I have greatly enjoyed browsing in it. It will trigger many strolls down Memory Lane.

    I worked for Lotus Cars 1963/9, at both Cheshunt and Hethel; and owned a 1960 S2, chassis number 1931 from about ’64 to ’66.

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