South Australia’s Lotus Torque for October, 2020

Sikh Centre Roll-Up

The roll-up at the Sikh Centre was larger than expected for the start of spring

Our South Australian delegate Andrew Stevens returns to share all the news in the world of Lotus in South Australia as we head into the month of October.

SA Lotus Torque: October, 2020

An occasional contribution from our SA delegate.

September (Fathers Day) All Comer’s Run: Spring is Sprung!

Our second monthly run since the COVID restrictions were lifted coincided with Father’s Day. It’s usually one of the smaller runs, with the duration shortened to allow for the many family commitments that tend to intervene. However, we were in for a number of surprises.

Firstly, befitting the start of spring, we were blessed with a warm sunny day, which encouraged those who could to arrive with roofs down and windblown hair.

Second, we were joined by Matt Spicer, the new Lotus Sales Manager at Zagame Adelaide, in a very neat, and quick, yellow Exige, accompanied by his son. If you’re thinking of upgrading your weapon of choice, you can contact him at or Zero Four Nine Two 820 812.

He wasn’t the only new Matt in attendance, as Matt Lynn was also there in his newly-acquired 2002 Elise, with only 8,000km on the clock. Yes you read correctly, 8000km in almost twenty years. When he acquired it, the car was still on its original tyres – now rectified thanks to Nth Terrace Tyres – and he’s trying hard to rectify the low odometer reading as well.

Welcoming Matt Spicer in the Zagame Exige

We welcomed Matt Spicer in one of the Zagame Exiges

The third, really great surprise was the presence of two Lotus 7s on the run. Mike Bennett brought his freshly-refurbished BRG version along, and was joined by Phil Moore in his slightly darker hued and rather more developed car. Both are a credit to two fastidious owners, and the longevity of ownership. With 95 years of collective ownership, and Phil having acquired his dream car some 53 years ago, it’s clear that their dedication to the 7 is an enduring passion.

David Giles brought along his recently-completed Europa, in striking mint green livery. This started off as a barn find with just body, half a chassis, and some interior trim, painstakingly brought back to life. The finished result is startling, and the colour scheme redolent of the swinging 60s.

David Giles debuted his Europa project car. Love the colour!

We managed quite a roll-up at the Sikh Centre, although as departure time arrived the numbers dropped off due to other family commitments, and it was a small contingent that headed down the Onkaparinga Scenic Drive to the Meadows Tea Rooms.

The two 7 owners headed off in tandem and settled down for a catch-up chat on arrival and to tell stories of early Lotus days. Meanwhile, a vibrant discussion on many Lotus and non-Lotus subjects ensued along the long table in the back room, as the tea rooms supplied food and coffee for everyone.

Mike Bennet and Phil Moore's 7s

Mike Bennett’s and Phil Moore’s 7s grace the Meadows Team Rooms carpark

Matt Spicer and David Wiseman were soon in discussion regarding the Zagame Tour as part of the forthcoming Classic Adelaide Rally, which is almost sold out. David’s keen and our resident fig king Willa is also contemplating an outing in one of his historic cars. The temporary loss of the Adelaide Motorsport Festival and the forthcoming Supercar interruption to our track days at The Bend all got a run. Matt Lynn was being educated on all the pros and cons of Elise ownership, and the ‘to do’ list on his Ardent Red Elise was growing by the minute.

A great way to celebrate the first Sunday in spring, in a most unusual year, topped off by following Mike Bennett’s 7 back down the valley towards Stirling.

SA Hillclimb Championships

The SCCSA conducted the SA Hillclimb Championship for 2020 at Collingrove at the start of September. Graham Smith was the only Lotus on track this year and managed fastest time in Road Registered 2WD Sedans & Sports Cars 1601-2000cc despite not getting any running on the Saturday.

His 36.56 second run knocked off Porsche stalwart Norm Goodall, and the plethora of MX5s. His time was only bettered in the 2WD Road Registered Class by Mark Rice’s much more powerful RX-7. Well done Graham.

Driving Standards

The following was posted on the CLA website recently. From the timing, I don’t believe that it was one of our runs, but it does highlight that our cars are very recognisable, and that while we’re out enjoying our cars, we need to respect the rest of the community out there and behave responsibly.

9 July 2020: From Nicola

Hi. I would like to extend a plea to all Lotus drivers to take a bit more consideration when they are out for a Sunday drive in the Adelaide Hills. Last weekend I was leading a horse on Longwood road near Mt Bold Road and this red lotus could be heard coming from a long way off going way too fast. This is an area where we live, there are lots of houses and children, dogs, horses and people. It is not a place to wind up the revs on your sports cars. Please take your cars to their limits where you cannot be a danger to others. This is our home and it is not a race track.

I am sympathetic with car lovers as we have a Lotus in our garage, but please pick carefully where your drivers go above the speed limits. Please keep our homes speed and fatality free.

Cars and Parts for Sale

David Tye has sold the Elan Project car that he had for sale but still has the Europa available for sale. He also has a set of 6”x13 Europa Wheels from his JPS, as he’s upgrading to 14” rims. Contact David on “zero four zero three 600 600” for further details

October’s Runs

We’ll be back next month, meeting at the Sikh Centre car park at the bottom of the SE Freeway meeting up by 9:00am on the first Sunday of the month. See you there !

Happy Motoring

Andrew Stevens
CLA Delegate SA

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