Twice The Tyre Kicks & Coffee: Join Us at By the Bay Cafe for a Tyre Kick Down South

January 2019 Tyre Kick & Coffee

Calling all Southerners! This Sunday, the 11th of October, we will run a second Tyre Kick & Coffee at By the Bay Cafe in Carss Park from 8:30am. Come along and say ‘Hi!’

To provide a more convenient meeting place for members across our sprawling city, we are experimenting with the idea of Tyre Kick and Coffee taking place at other locations in addition to our regularly-scheduled catch-up at Rhodes. So for October (and if it is well received, beyond that) we are going to meet on the second Sunday of the month (11th October) at By the Bay Cafe in Carss Park, on Carwar Avenue in Blakehurst.

As the name suggests, the cafe has scenic views over the water. It’s easy to access from the south, being a couple of km north of Tom Uglys Bridge, and a parking area is available for us to decorate. We look forward to seeing you there from 8.30am on.

Our regularly-scheduled Tyre Kick & Coffee at Kokoda Cafe remains as such, and will continue to be held on the third Sunday of the month (in this case, the 18th of October.)

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