Lotus Photos: A Not-Quite Christmas Party in Two Parts: Lotus Tyre Kick South, December 2020

Lotus Tyre Kick South, December 2020

This past Sunday, the 13th of December, we gathered at Carss Park for a pre-Christmas catch-up at our Tyre Kick South. Scroll along and enjoy a few pictures from the morning.

Lotus Tyre Kick South, December 2020

We were a little slow to get out of bed, but before long a healthy turnout of Club Lotus members had gathered in the Carss Park car park and made the pilgrimage down, and perhaps more importantly up, the path to and from By the Bay cafe with coffee and snack in hand.

Along with the more modern cars, including an impressive roll-up of Evoras, we were joined by two Europas and a Seven, as well as some more motley company in the form of Gidget, Ashton’s Peking-to-Paris-surviving Austin Healey, a Porsche 911, a Citroen van and even a cafe racer.

We enjoyed the sunny and mild morning and the opportunity to gather in lieu of the traditional party and look forward to doing it all over again this coming Sunday, the 20th, at our Tyre Kick & Coffee at Kokoda Cafe on the other side of Sydney.

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