Lotus Stories: You Cannot Start Too Young Driving a Lotus

James and Alister McRae

James with Alister McRae and the Elise

This story comes to us with thanks to Terry Southam, and recounts his thirteen-year-old grandson James’ first track test in an Elise with international rally champion Alister McRae.

You Cannot Start Too Young Driving a Lotus

By Terry Southam

James, thirteen-year-old grandson of Club Lotus Western Australia member Terry Southam, had his first test track coaching tuition in his grandfather’s Lotus Elise recently.

James' Regular Rides - An Elise, Excel and Westfield SEi

James’ Regular Rides – An Elise, Excel and Westfield SEi

James is a regular driver of his grandfather’s Elise, Excel and Westfield SEi on private roads. For a belated Christmas gift, it had been decided that James needed some professional guidance to improve his driving technique.

Under the watchful eye of international rally champion Alister McRae, James had an early morning one hour coaching session at the Perth Airport Test Track. This polished up James’ braking, gear changing and cornering approach.

The outcome from James, “Grandad if I practice really hard, when can we do this again?” And Terry’s thoughts “I think that I need the coaching more than James”.

James and I would like to thank Alister for his very professional tuition.

Terry Southam

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