Lotus Torque for March, 2021

March Run to Nairne Strawberry Farm

Images thanks to Andrew Stevens

Our South Australian delegate Andrew Stevens returns to regale us with news of everything going on with our friends in SA.

Lotus Torque, March 2021

Andrew Stevens

March Run to Nairne Strawberry Farm

As I arrived at the Sikh Centre to see the bumper turnout for the March monthly get together, I was amazed to hear some people commenting that, despite the blue skies and sunshine that I’d experienced making my way from the beach, it was actually raining in the hills. Luckily, we managed to dodge any further instances and while the clouds threatened and there were plenty of times we came across recently wetted road surface, it stayed dry for the duration.

When you live in the driest state in the driest continent on earth, you learn not to complain about rain, even if it does mean that the Lotus roof needs to go up. Certainly our NSW brethren have had the opposite to worry about.

The staff at the Nairne strawberry farm had been alerted to our pending arrival and were all geared up for us to show off our cars out the front, and had an area set aside for us to chat and eat. Fantastic coffee and the strawberry pancakes were irresistible.

March Run to Nairne Strawberry Farm

The Bend – 14th June (Interstate Challenge)

After last year’s attempt was postponed because of you know what, the Queen’s Birthday weekend in June sees the Vics back at The Bend for a MSCA sprint on Sunday 13th, and a dedicated Lotus track day on Monday 14th June. The Bend is a fantastic circuit, and the Monday event will be held on the 4.95 km International Circuit with its 18 corner layout.

Should be a great day.

April and May Runs

Our April Run will be held on Easter Sunday just after contributions close for this month’s CC deadline, so news on that next month. Our May gathering will kick off at 9:00am on May 2nd at the Sikh Centre (bottom of the SE Freeway. It’s the same day as the MSCA-SA 6 hour regularity relay, so we might take a spin out there for a look after morning tea.

Cheers and Safe Driving,
Andrew Stevens

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