Ashton’s President’s Prattle for June, 2021

CSCA 2021 Round 3 Club Lotus Australia

Charging hard for the middle of 2021 already, and so far it’s shaped up to be a much more normalised year than the last one. At least (being very parochial for a moment) in NSW anyway.

Of course the situation is vastly different in India and the Philippines, and our thoughts go out to all those with friends and families in those countries.

However, the gradual easing of restrictions here has allowed lots to happen, all over the place. The ACT crew have been very active, in WA there have been a number of gatherings, and here in NSW it’s starting to feel like a gradual return to a new normal.

For example, May saw the first of our renewed Shed Tours get underway, and a small but very welcome and friendly band of brothers and sisters met in the Roskill Taj Garage (christened such by Mrs R, not so much for its size, but for the cost of digging it into the hillside!). Manoosh’s finest pizzas were washed down by fizzy pop of various sorts – many thanks to Mel and Gino for sourcing those at the last minute.

This month we are visiting Pete Walker’s Shed(s) for a BBQ on Tuesday 15th June, from 6.30pm. Full details on the members part of the website, or ping me for the address.

CSCA 2021 Round 3 Club Lotus Australia

Motorsport is also getting back into the swing of things, with the CSCA round 3 taking place at the Amaroo circuit at SMSP, under lights, for the first time (for CSCA). It was a great evening of fun and laughter, both on and off the track. Full details in Seth’s excellent report on the website.

Over the weekend of 12-13 June the HSRCA is holding possibly the largest historic motorsport gathering since the days of the Tasman Revival. Over 250 entrants are already entered, and in celebration of the life of Ron Taurenac, there will be a sizeable presence of Brabham and RALT cars both competing and on display. These include Jack Brabham’s BT-19 championship-winning car from 1966 (the only time in F1 history where the championship has been won by the owner and driver of the team!) This will be driven over the weekend by Jack’s grandson Sam. Please do come along to join in the fun in the paddock and pits. Tickets for spectators are available via Eventbrite at this link.

Also upcoming are the next of the SSC LOTD days (at Wakefield Park on July 10th), and the Targa Great Barrier Reef has opened for registration for those who fancy some fun in the sun this winter!

Planning is now also underway for what we hope will still be allowed to be our replacement of the Tour of Tasmania, now rechristened the Lotus Breakout, over the weekend of September 4-5th. An EOI will be issued shortly. We are planning on capping the number of cars at around 25-30, so get in quick!

Finally, and importantly, we recently asked you all to review and vote on the current draft of the revised Constitution. Please could we ask that you respond to Anne Blackwood’s email one way or the other so that we can progress this important document. If you are happy with its current form, please respond to her email with a Yes. If you have concerns, please note them down and we will endeavour to address them.

Here’s hoping for a continued return to a sense of normality, and of course as always, stay safe, upright and (mostly) on the blackstuff,

Pip pip,

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