Classic and Historic Vehicle Registration During COVID-19

Club Lotus February 2021 Tyre Kick South

The Council of Motor Clubs recently shared with us a Transport NSW update on classic and historic vehicle registration during COVID-19. It’s available for download from their website at this link.

The document outlines systems that have been put in place to support those on conditional registration while we’re unable to manage it in person. Topics include what to do if your registration has expired or if your classic or historic vehicle is your only form of transport, how to renew your classic or historic vehicle registration if it has expired, how you can pay your registration once restrictions ease and information about your registration date and plates.

If you’re on historic or classic registration, it’s well worth a read – particularly if your renewal date falls between the 28th of June and 31st of October, 2021. Grab it from the CMC website at this link.

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