Lotus Photos: February 2022’s Carss Park Tyre Kick & Coffee

Club Lotus Carss Park Tyre Kick Coffee February 2022

Sunday the 13th of February found us in the car park above By the Bay Cafe in Carss Park, chatting and enjoying a coffee in the sunshine for the first of our Tyre Kicks of the month.

La Niña took the weekend off, giving us a pleasant morning complete with sunshine to light up all the candy coloured Lotuses we arranged in the car park. We had an excellent turnout, including a nice set of Elans as well as Elises, Evora, an Elite and some interesting Lotus Mustangs, Boxsters, a 911 and a classic Mercedes, with an interesting and far-from-standard MX5 joining later and drawing a crowd.

Club Lotus Carss Park Tyre Kick Coffee February 2022

Thanks to everyone for coming out to say ‘Hi!’ and especially those who encouraged friends to join in. A Lotus is not a pre-requisite! Bring out what ever you have available or feel like driving and enjoy the good company.

We’ll see you at Gough Whitlam Park in Earlwood this coming Sunday the 20th of February.

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