Ashton’s President’s Prattle for March, 2022

Club Lotus Carss Park Tyre Kick Coffee February 2022

March already, my goodness!

Good news is we had a committee meeting and have confirmed (subject of course to the usual caveats required these days regarding health and weather) that we have a strong programme of activities planned for this year.

Of course we kick off this month with the first (CLA-organised) round of the CSCA sprints at Wakefield on 27th March. Huge thanks to Mel and the Motorsport Committee for getting that organised, and to Tom, Mike, Evan and all those officiating on the day.

Grateful thanks too to Brett Stevens and Graham Weir for stepping up to join the Motorsport Committee, and welcome to you both!

If you fancy driving Bathurst (and everyone should do so once in their lives!) Simply Sports Cars has just announced the Bathurst Track Day in May – get in quickly as places are filling fast.

Further out, we are really hoping that both the Shannons Classic and the Kings School All British Day will be able to go ahead this year having been cancelled for the past two (or is it three? I’ve lost track) Dates to be finalised, but we will have tickets for both, so contact Evan if you would like to come and join us (

There is also the hope we can get a gathering of both NSW and Queensland club members together at one or both of the Grafton Hillclimb in July (15th-17th), and the Bathurst Hillclimb Bathurst Speed Weekend 29-30 Oct 2022. If anyone is interested, Tony Galletly and I are trying to co-ordinate as best we can – drop one of us a line and we’ll add you to the email string.

In October we are planning to head to Tasmania for a week of fun on the Apple Isle – more plans and comms shortly, as the committee is gathering next weekend to start the progress. This is the long-delayed Lotus 2021, and we are hoping to finally get there this coming Spring.

In other news, the world has lurched from the COVID crisis to the lunacy of a Russian megalomaniac, but in between there are glimmers of hope for an increase in foreign travel, international rallies, and possibly even a transition back to working from a mix of office and home, so with a following wind we should have a semblance of normality starting to be established by mid-way through the year, even if the start has not got off to an auspicious beginning.

And on that high note, I had better get this across to Tom and Seth for publication, so this comes with very best wishes to you and yours, and I look forward to seeing you at either a Tyre Kick or a motorsport event soon.

In the meantime, keep safe, upright, and mainly on the blackstuff.

Pip pip,

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