Lotus Photos: Carss Park Tyre Kick & Coffee, March 2022

March 2022 Tyre Kick & Coffee

Images thanks to Evan Jones

After being battered by torrential rain through most of the week, we finally saw a break in the weather for the weekend, with the sun coming out to shine upon the first of our monthly catch-ups. Evan Jones has kindly sent along a few photos of the gathering, which you can enjoy below.

Both Tyre Kicks have been enjoying consistently good roll-ups, with ten to fifteen cars arriving each month, and we greatly appreciate everyone’s support. This month’s Carss Park gathering was no different, and saw many regulars along with a few less frequently seen drivers join in.

Next week we’ll be back at Gough Whitlam Park in Earlwood, gathering from 9:30am. Why not calong, say ‘Hi!’, chat about cars for a while and enjoy a relaxed coffee before getting stuck in to your Sunday proper.

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