South Australia’s Lotus Torque for March, 2022

Dave Peters waves off the Bairds steel bodied Lotus

Images and text by Andrew Stevens

Read on for an update on the Lotus activities in South Australia, with SA delegate Andrew Steven’s latest Lotus Torque, for March 2022.

February Run

We had a great turnout for February, making the most of wonderful weather. Michael Ford again led the way to the Southern Vales and the ever-popular McLaren Vale visitor centre.

One of the usual highlights of the journey, a blast up the Wickham Hill Rd, was skipped when the leader simply forgot to turn left. There are some who claimed he was really hankering for one of the Visitor Centre vanilla slices. Rumour has it that a number of the participants secretly visited the hill on the way home. I don’t blame them.

Julian Casson continues to keep Elsie looking like new

Julian Casson continues to keep Elsie looking like new

March Run

March was one of smallest turn-ups for the year. After an ownership change saw a return to availability of the back room for group bookings, we headed to the Meadows Tea House once again. In addition to the new owners was a new menu, and a fantastic range of baked goods. There was a small amount of indulging in the wares, as well as examination of a couple of copies of Absolutely Lotus, courtesy of Tony Heard’s newsagent-owning son in law.

It was good to see Lee Rolph and Judith at the kickoff, and Lee promises she’ll have her S2 at the next run. David Giles brought along his once white Europa in its new brilliant orange colour scheme which drew admiring looks from many of the gang. Julian Casson had Elsie looking immaculate, while David and Edwina Baird drew plenty of interest in the monochromatic Talbot Lotus (or is that the other way around). Even Ore Axarlis enjoyed the run in his Evora after avoiding Meadows most of last year.

We meet up at 9:00am on the first Sunday of each month in the SA Sikh Centre Carpark at the bottom end of the SE freeway up track near the tollgate.

David Giles and Dave Peters admire the new Europa paint job

David Giles and Dave Peters admire the new Europa paint job

Bathurst Lotus-Only Track Day

It looks like the delay of the Lotus Only Track Day at Mount Panorama to May has resulted in three South Australians planning to head across to the mountain for a run.

For at least one (me) that involves building a new motor, and reassembling everything from the firewall back. No problem then! Standby for the exploits of the Croweaters at Bathurst.

Zagame SuperSaturday

Local Lotus dealer Zagame Adelaide have organised a Zagame SuperSaturday supercar event for April 3rd, consisting of a combination of open and closed road driving for Zagame customers.

The navigational section will start in Stirling and take in serpentine roads from Aldgate to Mylor, before hitting the 100kph zones out towards Meadows and traversing a rarely used section of Peters Creek Rd.

The closed road section will be the main activity for the day and will be held at Wickham Hill Rd and the adjacent Mt Wilson property.  Drivers will have the option of timed or untimed runs on the seven uphill and seven downhill challenges on the 2.7km course. There’s going to be some great fun had and the array of cars is sure to be a spectacular sight.

Cheers and Safe Driving,
Andrew Stevens

Ore Axarlis Evora heads the lineup at Meadows

Ore Atzakis Evora heads the lineup at Meadows

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