Lotus Photos: Carss Park Tyre Kick & Coffee, May 2022

May By the Bay Tyre Kick

On Sunday the 8th of May, 2022, we took a brief break from our Mother’s Day commitments to catch up with our mates in the club at By the Bay Cafe in Carss Park.

With the sun making a rare appearance to bless our mums with a gorgeous day, and many of the lower car parks closed, our usual peaceful spot became a hive of activity, but we nonetheless manage to secure an area of our own. A good roll-up helped our candy-coloured collection stand out, and all enjoyed a relaxing catch-up in the sunshine.

Next month’s Tyre Kicks will be on Sunday the 12th of June at By the Bay Cafe, and the following Sunday, the 19th, at Gough Whitlam Park. Come along and say ‘Hi!’

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