Ashton’s President’s Prattle for August, 2022

Ashton's President's Prattle, August 2022

Hello! I’m checking in with some notes from the front by your foreign correspondent. Apologies in advance for any grammatical or spelling mistakes off the telex.

Mrs R and I are in the UK for our first visit since Brexit rolled through. And it happened to coincide with the toppling of Boris and the relative chaos of the election campaign and associated hustings for the new leader of the Conservatives and therefore the new PM. Which has not been an edifying exercise.

There was also the spectacularly uninspiring opening ceremony for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. About the only people who thinks that’s a good idea are the Brummies.

So, we headed off to Cornwall to get some R&R and enjoy the proper English summer (which the Beeb are getting thoroughly aerated about). Beautiful weather for “wild swimming” (that’s a thing – look it up) on the coast, and some time helping my brother-in-law and sister on the farm.

Ashton's President's Prattle, August 2022

But in more interesting news I did manage to a) snag an Alfa GT 3.2 for the duration of the stay here from a very generous friend and b) get to Snetterton for the second day of historic racing run by MRL.

The event included some great grids of, for example, pre-war cars giving it the beans for a full 45 minutes – in unusually warm conditions for the UK. There were also good grids of pre-1966 saloons, and the Historic Touring Cars Challenge (including a Commodore from the period).

Back to matters more locally. The bookings for our Tour of Tassie are filling well, however there are still a few places left ahead of us confirming final numbers on or about 19th August.

There are still several tickets for the Shannons Classic on Sunday 14th, which is celebrating the 60th birthday of the Elan – please contact Evan Jones for tickets at

Likewise, we have several tickets for the All British Day on Sunday 11th September at Kings School. Given a recent improvement in weather we are more hopeful this lovely event will be able to go ahead. I’m hoping to tow the Eleven there behind the Landy. Tickets also available free of charge from Evan.

So that’s about it for this month, other than to wish you all good health and happiness until next time we catch up. Meanwhile keep it safe, upright and on the blackstuff,

Pip pip,

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