For Sale: Collection of Caterham 7 Parts

Peter is selling a series of parts from a Caterham 7 to suit Lotus twin cam or Ford Kent motors. Read on for the details.

Original Caterham 7 heater from a Caterham 7 $250 plus freight

Original Lotus Twin Cam cam cover with Lotus on either side, best offer over $500 plus freight (nb Mountune USA list price for copy is US $766)

Complete twin cam head. Needs to be pulled apart and cleaned as it has been stored for over 30 years and is covered in oil and grease to protect it. Purchased as a spare for my Seven’s motor but never used. Cam cover has Lotus at front. Best offer over $4000 plus freight.

Tamiya Lotus 7 model kit $25 plus freight

Complete internals of T9 gearbox, seeking offers

Original Seven manual $25 plus freight

Peter is also offering a series of marque books, either individually or as a lot at $1,250:

  • Lotus Seven & the Independents $85 plus shipping
  • Lotus and and Caterham Sevens by J Coulter $30 plus shipping
  • Lotus Seven and Caterham by A.Moreland $75 plus shipping
  • Lotus Caterham Seven Gild Portfolio $40 plus shipping
  • Lotus Seven Restoration etc by T Weale $250 plus shipping
  • Lotus and Caterham Seven by J Tipler $ 75 plus shipping
  • Lotus Sports Racers Brooklands Portfolio $85 plus shipping
  • Theme Lotus 56-86 by D Nye $120 plus shipping
  • Legends of the Seven by D Ortenbyrger $75 plus shipping
  • Lotus and Caterham 7 Gold Portfolio $70 plus shipping
  • Competitive Driving A Prost $20 plus shipping to
  • Lotus on the Hills by Robinson & Buckley $60 plus shipping
  • 1/2 Century 48/98 Lotus by G Capel $100 plus shipping
  • The story of the Marque Lotus by I Smith $250 plus shipping
    • NB this is the actual book used by Sports car World for their review – includes letter of authentication and also signatures of John Martin, Leo Geoghegan, Tony Caldersmith, Adrian Schagen and 2 others that I can’t decipher who were present at the auction when I purchased many moons ago!
  • Lotus The Complete Story C Harvey $100 plus shipping
  • Brochure x 2+Lotus Cars $20 plus shipping
  • M100 Elan 1989 Press Information Booklet $150 plus shipping

If you’re interested in any of these, have any questions or would like more photos send Seth an email at and he will put you in touch with Peter.