Lotus Photos: Tyre Kick & Coffee at Carss Park, April 2024

Tyre Kick & Coffee Carss Park April 2024

Sunday April 14 found us in the car park above By the Bay Cafe in Carss Park, catching up over a coffee and a quick bite on a beautiful Autumn morning.

The small road up to the car park has been fitted with a new one-way traffic light, which may have turned a few punters away as the car park was quieter than usual, but that suited us just fine.

We are thrilled that these meetups continue to draw a consistent crowd of both regulars and new members, and an interesting collection of cars. This week Ashton turned up in his very unusual four-wheel drive Lotus with Charley riding shotgun, joining a few two-wheeled varieties as well as a more modern selection from the marque.

We were lucky to get a table outside the cafe’s take away window, where we could sit and relax in the shade for a while, enjoying a good conversation and visits from the local doggos.

We’ll get together again next weekend, from 9:00am on Sunday April 21 at Gough Whitlam Park in Earlwood – come along, say ‘Hi!’ and get your Sunday off to a good start.

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