Lotus Photos: 2023’s Club Lotus Australia Christmas Party & AGM

Saturday the 2nd of December saw us gather at the Australian Motor Heritage Foundation to hold our 2023 Club Lotus Australia Annual General Meeting followed by a relaxed Christmas party picnic. Scroll along and enjoy some photos from the day.

Our thanks to the Australian Motor Heritage Foundation for welcoming us into their premises, giving us a tour and run down of the work they’re doing and allowing us to host our AGM in their lovely air conditioned facilities. We were pleased to be able to share this work and make more people aware of what the team are doing and the opportunities the facility provides.

The formal business was conducted smoothly, with the current Club Lotus Australia team remaining on board to continue their work into 2024. Thanks to everyone who came along for the serious part of the day and contributed to proceedings.

Following the meeting, we headed outside, which was most definitely not air conditioned, and relaxed with a catered picnic around the cars on the grounds in front of the AHMF, with the soundtrack of the BMW sprint running on the circuit next door adding to the atmosphere. Unlike the last few years, the promised rain did not fall and left us in peace to enjoy each other’s company in the outdoors.

We are very thankful to the excellent response to the event, with more than 50 members coming out to celebrate the year and bringing a varied and beautifully presented collection of cars along with them. Combining with the LEADFOOTS lunch with special guest Don Christopher, we welcomed four Elites on the day, brought along by Graeme Davies, Ed Holly, Ashton Roskill and Marc Schagen.

Enjoy the photos, have a safe and happy Christmas, and we’ll look forward to seeing you at a Tyre Kick on the 10th (Carss Park) or 17th (Bourke St. Bakery Marickville) of December, or in the new year!

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