Ashton’s President’s Prattle for September, 2023

Ashton & Giles, Grubby and Happy in the Peking to Paris

September, who’d have thought it. And I gather spring has arrived, in NSW at least, which is encouraging, after another rather dull winter. Good excuse to get the car out of hibernation (and yourself for that matter).

Huge thanks are due to Craig and Cathy Shephard and all the motorsport committee for putting on round 4 of the CSCA sprints, and thank you to all the volunteers who kindly made the day happen for the competitors. And for those able to make the Shannons Classic, thank you for doing so to represent the club.

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For Sale: Coventry Climax FWB Engine

Coventry Climax Engine

Mike has been cleaning out the garage and is making a Coventry Climax FWB engine to suit a Lotus Elite available for sale.

The engine is currently assembled in its original pump housing and has been running. Seeking $3,000 ONO.

Ashton’s President’s Prattle for August, 2023

Hello! How did we get to the end of July quite so fast? I’ll be wishing you a Happy Christmas before I know it.

As I might have mentioned, I am spending three months in the UK and Europe, primarily working from the UK (on Australian hours, about which more another time) for July and September, and spending most of August driving around northern Spain and Portugal.

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Lotus Photos: Club Lotus Australia’s 50th Anniversary

Image thanks to David Molloy

Over a long weekend from the 23rd to the 25th of June, we made our way out to the ‘Mountains to celebrate 50 years of Club Lotus Australia, and the people and cars who have made it what it is today. Scroll along, and enjoy a few photos from Saturday’s concours d’elegance and gala dinner.

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Ashton’s President’s Prattle for July, 2023

Ashton 50th

Well, happy hump month all!

There really is only one thing to talk about, and that was the party of the year over the weekend of 23-25th June celebrating Lotus’s 75th and Club Lotus’s 50th Anniversaries. What a blast it was!

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