WANTED: Rear Roll Bar with Side Sill Bars

New Club Lotus Australia member Russell is also looking for a rear roll bar with side sill bars (safety devices or Spyder). He’s located in Sydney.

To make an offer or for any questions, contact Seth via [email protected] and he’ll put you in touch with Russell.

CSCA 2021 Round Four Postponed

Club Lotus at CSCA 2020 Round 3, Pheasant Wood Circuit

With Sydney in lockdown and going nowhere fast, the Newcastle MG Car Club have taken the decision to postpone their round of the 2021 CSCA series to a later date.

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Ashton’s President’s Prattle for July, 2021

Ashton at the June 2021 Sydney Classic

Happy new financial year, and apologies for the delay getting this to you – thank the Chancellor of the Exchequer (or whatever his title is) for creating a storm in a teacup in the middle of the year. If it was a carding occasion, you could be forgiven for blaming Hallmark.

Anyway, June was predictably busy. And, here in NSW anyway, cold. And lately locked-down, which is a bit boring.

Before lockdown there was a fair bit going on, much of it quite exciting (and some of it a bit too exciting.) Lots of social stuff (including the Battle of Waterloo in Canberra – strange goings-on), a fair bit of motorsport, and (probably driven by the recent rush of blood to the head around historic, classic and collectable motor cars and their corresponding pricing), lots of sales activity.

So, if you haven’t had a look at the website recently, now’s a good time. We’ve recently helped members and friends sell several project cars, and currently (at time of writing) have a very unusual and tidy Esprit up there and a project Europa.

Tonight (6th July – yes, I am THAT late writing this) is the official unveiling of the Emira, Lotus’ final ICE model before they go hybrid/fully electric. If you haven’t got your name on the waiting list for the last of the Elise and Exige production, I suspect you may be too late. If you have, well done. And if you’ve got one already, hold on to it!

In the hope that this latest flurry of lockdowns is a blip to solve the Delta issue, we are still planning on having our run around NSW in early September. However if this goes on much longer, we may have to reschedule. Please keep an eye on the website and your emails for updates.

Unfortunately, the change of situation has led to the cancellation or delay of a number of events so please check the calendar regularly for the latest, and we will do our best to keep it updated.

  • The next LOTD, which was slated for this weekend (10th July) has been pushed out to Tuesday 20th
  • At time of writing, the MG Car Club of Newcastle are still planning on running their CSCA event at Pheasant’s Nest and we’ll keep you informed if that has to change
  • And the Perth to Sydney rally I was looking forward to competing in this October/November has been pushed out a year. Oh well, at least it gives me time to get Gidget prepared and shaken down!

So, in summary, if you are in NSW don’t plan to go anywhere for the immediate future. Elsewhere normal proceedings can continue, and we’ll carry on planning for as much as we can get away with.

Stay warm, safe, and mostly on the blackstuff (I could learn from that)

Pip pip,

Two Elans, and a Long Drive

The Top of Mount Hotham

Thanks to Ed Holly, images thanks to Ed Holly

Ed Holly and Rod Kennedy recently packed up their Elans and took a yearly pilgrimage to Winton for the Austin 7 Club’s annual Historic Winton race meeting. He’s kindly shared a few tales from the road trip, which you can enjoy below.

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Wrapping Up CSCA 2021 Round 3: Night Moves

CSCA 2021 Round 3 Club Lotus Australia

Saturday the 8th of May saw us forgo the usual weekend evening festivities to suit up, get some tyres melty and catch up with our friends in the CSCA at round three of 2021’s supersprint series, held under lights on Sydney Motorsport Park’s Amaroo circuit.

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Vale: Phil Moore

Phil Moore

It is with great sadness that we share the news of Phil Moore’s passing. Phil was a long time member of the Lotus community, and Australian Sportscar Champion. Please read on for a few words remembering Phil, with thanks to Andrew Stevens.

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